My name is Elizabete Ludborza and welcome to my creative little outlet on the Internet.

I am a 22-year-old student trying to navigate my way through life. I come from a bilingual family (Latvian/Lithuanian), however I grew up in Luxembourg. To make matters more confusing, I study law in the UK and Australia. I accredit my love for travel and exploring different cultures to my international background!

I’m no stranger to blogs, having previously blogged about fashion and beauty between the ages of 13-17. The reason behind stopping my previous blog was because I wanted to focus on academia and get into my dream university. Now that I’m going into my final year of a Bachelor’s degree, I have realised that I really miss getting in touch with my creative side and blogging about things that interest me (and that, hopefully, will also interest you!).

Although reluctant to categorise my blog into a specific niche, you can expect to see blog posts about fashion, beauty, travel, lifestyle, food and law – a little bit of everything!