Acquario di Genova

Asos dress/Asos belt/Chanel bag/Adidas Stan Smith sneakers

As promised, here’s the first of my posts about my little trip to Italy! This day my friend Roniette and I took a day trip to Genoa. Our plan was to explore the city, do a bit of shopping, eat good food at Eataly and visit the aquarium. Unfortunately, all we got round to doing was visiting the Acquario di Genova as it was thundering as soon as we left the aquarium! That was a bit disappointing but we had a great day nevertheless. The aquarium was huge and it’s supposedly the biggest one in Europe. It was nice to see creatures of the sea, such as jellyfish, piranhas, dolphins and sharks, up close. I studied international environmental law this past year in Australia and it really changed my perspective on a lot of things. I did my research essay on the international legal regime regarding shark conservation and it made me realise how important sharks are to a healthy ocean. Hollywood films, such as Jaws, have really painted a negative picture of sharks as these bloodthirsty monsters, when in fact they’re very intelligent, beautiful creatures. It’s a shame that they’re frequently seen as the antagonist of the charismatic megafauna – dolphins. I could write yet another full-blown essay on here, but I won’t bore you with that today. However, I really do recommend educating yourself about sea life in general. I know that there’s a lot more for me to learn as well.

The main thing I wanted to talk about was my outfit. Guys. I’m. In. Love. I bought this dress a couple of days before heading to Italy and I’ve already worn it so much. In fact, I wore it a grand total of three times during my 6-day trip. I’m not quite sure why I felt the need to admit that but there you go. I wish I could sit here and tell you I perfectly curated my looks so that each day I planned a new outfit and I never wore the same thing twice but I’d be lying to you and myself. I’m no Justin Bieber – I can’t afford to throw away my clothes after wearing them once. If I like an outfit – I’m going to wear it as much as possible!? That’s why washing machines are such a great thing, haha… So don’t be surprised when you see this outfit pop up again in my post about Monaco! 😉

I find that the dress has no shape without some form of a waist belt, so I also bought this one from Asos. Normally this ‘country’ style belt isn’t really my style but I’m kind of feeling it! All the other belts I’ve been seeing online are inspired by the Gucci Marmont belt. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the Gucci Marmont belt… but I don’t want to buy a dupe of it with two circles. I finished off the look with some white sneakers. I’ve really been struggling with footwear for the past two months because I injured my heel during a run, so I’ve had to trade my flimsy summer sandals for supportive shoes. I feel like I’m senile, limping around everywhere… When my friends came to visit me in Luxembourg, we walked so much but it really didn’t help my foot. I’ve booked myself in for a doctor’s visit and, hopefully, we can figure out what I need to do to heal it properly and be back in my 22-year-old body, haha!


Stay tuned for more blog posts about my trip to Italy! Did you travel anywhere this summer?


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