Better Late Than Never

Topshop hat, ZARA jacket, Asos skirt, Acne scarf, Stuart Weitzmann boots, Chanel bag

I have a confession. This is the first blog post I’m writing in 2019 which has not been scheduled since last year. I know, I know… I’ve been scamming you all along but consistency in posting is key, right? It probably does not help my case that these photos are also from the end of December. I asked Roniette if I could get away with posting these and it not be blatantly obvious that they’re from Christmas time and the answer was a resounding no. Yet, here I am posting the aforementioned photos. Just like the title of the post says – better late than never! 😉 I have been so busy with my university work and extracurricular activities that I simply have not made the time to shoot content for the blog. Honestly, I’ve missed it so much so I’m back and better than ever! Let me catch you up on my life for the past month...

After a stressful deadline period at the start of January, I have made a VOW to myself to finally implement changes in my approach to university assignments. The days of procrastination are over and I am on track with being more active in my course. As soon as there’s something that I don’t fully understand, I e-mail the lecturer for clarification and not wait until the last minute as per usual. Believe it or not, I even do all my readings for my modules. Ground-breaking, I know. Alright… so there might be one major module which I’m behind on but let’s not focus on the negative, haha! I AM A NEW WOMAN. I have never in my university life been so organised and it feels great. In fact, I’m wondering whether you’d be interested in reading a post all about my tips & tricks on how I stay organised? I’m not claiming to be the Marie Kondo of organisation but I’m definitely on track. After the t r a u m a of leaving important tasks until the last minute last term, I’d like to think that I have finally changed my ways.

Lately, I’ve also been itching to go away somewhere. I can’t help but reminisce on what I was doing around this time last year on the other side of the world. It was exactly a year ago that my friend Déaghlan and I were travelling around Bali and Sri Lanka. Those were the good times… Luckily, Déaghlan and I have booked another exciting trip coming up relatively soon, this time with Ambreen and I cannot wait! It’s always so fun hanging out with those two so I’m sure we’ll have a great time. I’ve also booked short trips to Leeds and Luxembourg to visit a friend and family so I’m really looking forward to that. Please do let me know if you have any suggestions for what to do in Leeds, I’d love to hear them!

In sum, the start of 2019 was a lot. It was sleepless nights filled with anxiety about academia. Definitely far from ideal. I’ve experienced a few setbacks both in my personal and professional life but you know what.. I’m going to channel what Maria Hatzistefanis said in her ‘Overnight Success’ podcast and keep going by remaining positive and going for my goals. I, too, am cringing about what I’m about to say but… no bad vibes 2019.

How’s your 2019 been so far? Have you set yourself any goals?


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  1. Byron
    28/01/2019 / 02:47

    Share the tips and tricks please!

    • elizabeteludborza
      03/02/2019 / 19:57

      Stay tuned! 😉