Catch Ups at Coffee Architects

As soon as I arrived back to Leamington Spa for university, going to Coffee Architects for brunch was on top of my to-do list. Coffee Architects is the place for brunch in this small town. Now I’m not going to make any bold claims and say that it’s Aussie level brunch… but it’s close enough. Getting a seat at this café on the weekend at peak brunch hour is a task in and of itself. You might as well go super early in the morning or in the afternoon as waiting outside for 15-30 minutes is far from ideal. OR just go during the week and avoid the weekends like the plague. They’ve updated their menu since I was last there in 2017 and the new and improved avocado toast is unreal. It truly classifies as a brunch dish because you won’t be able to eat anything else for the rest of the day. Highly recommend it and checking Coffee Architects out if you’re ever in Leamington Spa!

These photos were taken in late September when I was catching up with Tolu, my friend from Law School. We used to be on the executive team of the Law Society together in 2016-17 when she used to be the Law Ball Coordinator and I was the Social Events Coordinator. I wanted to meet up with her to gain her wisdom on all things Law Ball. It’s one thing to organise numerous smaller scale events and a completely different experience to organise one BIG one. She gave me a bunch of great advice and I hope to follow in her footsteps and make Law Ball the best it’s been! It’s been such a relief being able to delegate my tasks, I can’t complain… Right after this brekkie, I was off to view a venue to see whether it would be suitable for Law Ball. And it was. I’m not going to say the name of the venue as it’s still confidential but I’m very, very happy with it! 😊

I’ve had my good friends Justin and Mia come visit me in Leamington and it’s been super nice spending some good old quality time together. Love them to bits! We are going to a Halloween Party tonight that’s hosted by some other good friends of mine and I’m so excited. I’ve limited myself to one social event per week as otherwise I’m not productive enough to properly spend time working and studying. Tonight’s the night I get to chill out for a bit again, woo! Justin and I are doing a duo outfit… I hope it turns out as good as I expect it to, haha. Stay tuned to see what we’re going as in the next post!


What are you dressing up as for Halloween 2018?


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