Luxembourg Art Week 2019

I’m so happy when Luxembourg makes an initiative to increase the number of cool cultural events for its residents. Luxembourg Art Week 2019 was n such exception. Now, this occurred around 2 weeks ago from… View Post

A September Weekend Getaway in Paris

Bonsoir! A little update from me, this time with photos back from my September weekend getaway to Paris. Pretty shortly after receiving my job offer and being informed that I have a month until the… View Post

My Skydiving Experience at Great Ocean Road with Skydive Australia

So back in the summer of 2018, I did a thing. That thing was jumping out of a plane and, thus, conquering my biggest fear that I could overcome. My other fear is tsunamis but… View Post

The Comeback

Hello, it’s me. *Cue the rest of Adele’s iconic hit song ‘Hello’* I honestly don’t even know where to begin! This blog post is looooong overdue. I kind of kick myself for falling off my… View Post

Thoughts About Eurovision 2019

I really struggled coming up with a title for this blog post. Should I name it ‘Mid-May Thoughts’? ‘Exam Revision Stress’? ‘Photos From March 2019’? As you can tell, I went with something that has… View Post