Better Late Than Never

I have a confession. This is the first blog post I’m writing in 2019 which has not been scheduled since last year. I know, I know… I’ve been scamming you all along but consistency in… View Post

Horseriding in Southend-on-Sea

HOW CUTE IS BENTLY THE HORSE!?! I can’t stop smiling when looking through these photos. These photos were taken when I went to visit Justin and Adam in Southend-on-Sea a few weekends ago. It was… View Post

Staying Hydrated with My Equa

Ever since taking an International Environmental Law module during my year abroad, my mindset has changed drastically regarding single-use plastic. If I’m completely honest, I never fully realised the negative impact it had on the… View Post

The Job Hunt

The Job Hunt. That’s what’s been on my mind for the past couple of months. It’s really nerve-wracking thinking about the future and what it may hold. Well, hopefully, employment… Haha! This holiday season will… View Post

Brunch at Procaffeinate

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Procaffeinate is another one of my favourite brunch spots in Leamington Spa. I feel like they’ve upgraded their menu since I was last there two years ago. I ordered a BIG vanilla… View Post