Celebrating Ambreen’s Birthday in Madrid

Madrid was the perfect city escape to celebrate Ambreen’s birthday. We wanted to go somewhere that wasn’t too far from the UK, had sunny and warm weather, and good food (I’m still craving Croquetas de Jamon). Madrid ticked all of those boxes! I definitely see myself living in Madrid one day, as it’s the perfect combination of busy and calm. Very friendly people, good weather, delicious food, an abundance of sangria… what more could you want?

I wondered what would be the best way to format content I shot whilst in Madrid and I figured that it would make the most sense to do it by days. We only spent 3 proper days in Madrid, even though judging from our Instagram, you’d be easily fooled into thinking that we’re still there! 😉We were technically meant to spend 4 nights in Madrid but due to unforeseen circumstances, we lost a day on Saturday the 16th of March. Long story short, I want to boycott Ryanair. We were meant to depart from London Stansted at 15:05, however, the plane coming from Madrid landed in London Gatwick Airport and it was a mess. We landed in Madrid in the early hours of Sunday after having taken a coach to Gatwick. I’m not going to get into the details of it but Ryanair has the worst customer service I’ve ever witnessed and experienced. They truly don’t care about their customers. So, for the time being, I am avoiding the airline like the plague. But I can’t lie… if I ever see a sweet, sweet deal pop up with crazy low prices… I might just lift my ban for a hot minute.

Our first proper day in Madrid started with a beautiful birthday brunch we prepared for Ambreen. It was a given that it would entail avocado toast so no surprise there. We thought it’d be nice to celebrate with mimosas for this special occasion. Little did we know, we’d make any excuse the following days to have mimosas. Every. Day. We’re such bad influences on one another, always justifying silly behaviour like telling ourselves that we DESERVE a mimosa for doing the bare minimum. Oh well… when on holiday, right? Haha! We took it easy and spent the day exploring around our area in La Latina. Our Airbnb was right above some popular bars and restaurants, so the location was perfect for us. We stayed in this beautiful Airbnb and I recommend staying there if you’re ever in Madrid.

I always love travelling with Déaghlan and Ambreen. My stomach hurt from laughing so much every single day. As you can see from the photos, we’re all very supportive of one another’s Insta content. Find yourself some friends who will put up with taking photos of your outfits “for the blog!!!’. We all travelled with small cabin bags so had very limited clothes with us, but we borrowed clothes from one another to expand our closet. Worked like a charm. For this day’s outfit, I made a girly outfit a bit tougher with Déaghlan’s leather jacket and my boots from ZARA. I can’t believe how well they’re holding up, considering I bought them sometime in 2013? My dress and belt are from Asos and I borrowed the bag from my flatmate Roniette. Even though I’m a huge lover of bags, I don’t have many that are a super practical size for touring around different cities. Maybe I should change that sometime soon, hmmm… I haven’t stopped wearing my new Ray-Bans from the moment I got them. I love the shape and they don’t dig into my cheeks when I smile. I know, sounds weird, but I struggle to find sunnies that don’t do that though, haha!

Stay tuned for more posts about Madrid.

Have you ever been to Madrid?


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