How to Style the Dior Mitzah Scarf

Last summer, I treated myself to the Dior Mitzah scarf for my 21st birthday. I had seen a few bloggers/YouTubers rocking them and I thought they were a super cute accessory to add to my wardrobe. Having now owned it for over a year, I’m glad to say that it, indeed, was a good purchase! The Dior Mitzah scarf is so versatile and can really elevate a look. I personally love to tie it around my bags to give it a special touch. However, I’ve experimented with different ways of incorporating it into my outfit and I thought I’d share my favourites with you in this post.


I know, I know. A scarf wrapped around the neck? Groundbreaking. In my defence, I feel like I rarely see someone wearing skinny scarves around their necks anymore! Unless it’s a beautiful businesswoman strutting around Monaco in a preppy outfit with a Birkin tucked away in her arm… but more on my trip to Monaco in a later post! Basically, I’m trying to channel that energy. I think it can elevate an outfit and make it look super classy if done right. I would personally pair it with an off-the-shoulder top or a simple white shirt.



I adore using the scarf as a headband! It’s giving me major Blair Waldorf vibes and I’m not mad about it. If this is what I have to wear to make the Upper East Side my postcode, so be it. All jokes aside, this is probably one of the easiest ways to incorporate the Dior Mitzah scarf into your outfit. It does take a bit of effort to part your hair correctly in order to align the scarf where you want it – but if I can do it, so can you.


These photos really don’t capture the little bow moment I went for but try and visualise it. It’s super easy to tie a bow around your ponytail or bun and it instantly makes the look more ‘cute’. Maybe it’s because it makes me feel like I’m part of the cheerleading team that never existed in high school but I dreamed of being in? Tying the scarf around your ponytail requires zero effort, so what’s not to love?



This is my ultimate favourite way of styling the scarf. I’ve seen countless of women tying their Hermès Twilly scarves (essentially the same type of scarf as the Dior one) around their Birkin bags and I think it looks so good. In my opinion, it makes the bag look a bit more unique and interesting. I obviously don’t own an Hermès Birkin bag but that didn’t stop me from wrapping the Mitzah scarf around bags I already own, such as this Givenchy one. Funny story: when I was purchasing the scarf, I asked if I could see it styled on my Chanel bag and the sales associate looked at me like I had just killed someone. He said something along the lines of ‘With all due respect, miss, this is a scarf that was made to be styled with Dior bags, not Chanel bags’. It really makes me chuckle how pretentious some aspects of fashion houses can be! And you know what, I continue to wrap it around my Chanel bag to this day so take that, Dior salesman! I shall continue committing fashion faux pas wherever I go! 😉 I can’t explain how I wrapped it as I honestly just did it through trial and error but I’m sure there are plenty of YouTube videos guiding you step-by-step on how to achieve a similar look!


Which was your favourite look? How would you style the Dior Mitzah scarf?


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