Law Ball 2019: A Night in Paris

This is going to be a long one, folks. Think of it as a journal entry all about Law Ball 2019: A Night in Paris. This is what I spent the most amount of time planning since March 2018 and it all came to fruition on Saturday, 23rd of February 2019. Even though it’s been a month and a half since the event took place, I’m only getting round to blogging about it now. I think I subconsciously (or consciously) put it off because of the sheer amount of photos I had to work through and the long blog post ahead of me. But here we are! Better late than never, right? 😉

If you’re a friend of mine or follow me closely on my socials you’re probably sick of hearing about Law Ball but here we go again, haha! Just like my previous post about walking in the LINE fashion show, this one is for the memory book so it’s going to be longer than my usual posts. I’ve structured the photos chronologically so that you can see how the night unfolded for me. I hope you enjoy reading about the behind the scenes of planning Law Ball 2019!

Setting up

Jure and I were at the venue (The Belfry Hotel & Resort) bright and early on the Saturday morning. My good friend (and AWARD-WINNING law society President!!!) Maaya was kind enough to drive us to the venue so that we could avoid having to take the train. It was so fun to see the venue transform into my vision. We took care of administrative things like making sure all the table plans were correct and that the decoration was being placed in the correct way. This is also when I wrote all my thank you cards for my amazing subcommittee who were essential in helping me plan this beautiful event. I got a little emotional doing this. ❤️In the above photos, you can see me testing out the lighting in front of the flower wall (check!) and trying out the photo booth. The first photo from the strip cracks me up because you can see in my eyes that I was startled when the flash went off, haha! Around 3 pm, we checked into our hotel room and slowly started getting ready for the night ahead of us.

Getting Ready

From 5:30 pm onwards, it was go, go, go. The performers, musicians and photographers started to arrive and we had to show them to their boardrooms and let them set everything up. I am SO grateful for Jure because I truly couldn’t have done this without him. He took care of the musicians whilst I was finishing getting ready. I went for my usual makeup look with a slightly more nude lip, and big bouncy waves. I tried to keep it quite minimal because, well… the dress was enough of a statement, haha!

I’ve received quite a few questions about where I got my dress from. The answer is simpler than you might expect: Asos. I’ve been stalking countless websites for Law Ball dresses from the moment I got elected to be Law Ball Coordinator. Every day I would keep searching for a perfect one. Normally, I tend to go for something simple and black (big surprise…) but I knew I wanted something quite glamorous and a colour that people wouldn’t expect to see me in. This dress was sold out for months until someone must have returned it and I instantly put it in my basket! It was a bit too big for me (you can kind of tell even with the slip dress) so I got it tailored at Nice Stitches in Leamington Spa. I highly recommend getting your dresses tailored here if you’re a Warwick student, as the service is great and quick! They had to re-bead my dress which was a bit of a task but it turned out just fine, so I’m happy.

Dinner and Performances

The night started off with a champagne reception (sponsored by Hogan Lovells) and a string orchestra. I really wanted our guests to have a classy entrance to the venue and I felt like having the string orchestra there really achieved that goal. They are Warwick students and I’m in awe of their talent. Going back to last year, I remember holding auditions for performers and as soon as I heard them play, I knew they’d be the perfect addition to Law Ball 2019.

There were two strong non-negotiables about what I wanted needed for Law Ball. Crème brûlée and a flower wall. These were the two things that I thought were essential to the success of the night. The flower wall made such an impact by the entrance and was definitely a guest favourite. It made me SO happy seeing how many people loved it and even updated their photos in front of it as profile pictures on Facebook! I wish Jure and I were able to properly have a little photoshoot in front of it during the day or before the guests arrived but we were so tight on time that it didn’t happen. Nevertheless, we sneaked out of the main dining hall and got one of the photographers to take a few photos of us. It was so rushed but at least we got something! My friends and I joke about how it looks like we’re a married couple and this event was our my wedding. Honestly? I see it. Granted I’ve never attended a wedding in my life but I can imagine that it’s not too dissimilar from Law Ball 2019. 😉

I opted for the vegetarian menu whereas Jure had the meat one and we shared everything so that we could get the best of both worlds. The role of Law Ball Coordinator comes with some special privileges and the menu tasting was definitely one of them! In the end, we had two menu tastings as we weren’t quite satisfied with the options presented to us the first time round. It’s easy for companies to treat student societies with less effort than big-shot clients so it’s important that you get what you’re paying for. I’m so happy with how the final menu turned out.

We had amazing performances by The Leamingtones, a Warwick University acapella group, Dynamic Dancers showgirls and a solo singing performance. It kept the guests entertained throughout their three-course meal so that’s fantastic. In the earlier days of planning, it got to the point where I thought that I wouldn’t be able to budget for any performers of any kind and we joked about how Jure’s dancing background could come in handy and he could improvise as a mime. You know… like an actual mime. We even looked up this YouTube video. Thankfully, we didn’t have to resort to that but a big part of me wishes I could have witnessed that, hahaha!

Another idea I wanted to implement this year was the idea of having ‘Law Ball Royalty’. It’s just a silly award where people can vote for whoever they think is deserving of the title, kind of like a prom queen or king. The winners were Law Society executive members Angela and James! I was so happy to be able to crown two very deserving people. Angela has been an amazing source of support as Vice President this past year and has helped me keep cool, calm and collected in stressful situations. James is the freshly-elected President of the Warwick Law Society and I’m sure he will lead the team to great success in the upcoming year.

I’ve said this in various posts on social media but I cannot thank my subcommittee enough. They all did such an amazing job making sure everything ran smoothly and was in order for our guests. Every aspect of the night was made possible because of their hard work, whether that be sourcing the decoration, holding rehearsals with musicians, finding a photographer, publishing social media posts or designing the Law Ball 2019: A Night in Paris branding. If any of you are reading this, thank you from the bottom of my heart. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with you and I’m so grateful that you all applied to me on my subcommittee.

Overall, I’m so happy to have been surrounded by such loving and supportive friends. I truly could not be happier to have such amazing and genuine people in my life. You all know who you are. Love you. ❤️

After Party

Now did you really think that I wouldn’t have at least one outfit change for my final Law Ball that I organised… hehehe. This dress is also from Asos (Asos is coming through with the sparkly dresses!) and happens to be in the exact shade as my main, longer dress. I thought it would be more comfortable to dance at the afterparty in a mini dress and I wasn’t wrong. The DJ played a lot of commercial songs that you can dance all night to! I think it’s so important to have songs like that at big events because it keeps the energy levels high. If the music had been too niche (read: didn’t have any words in it), people would have gotten sick of it within 20 minutes. I guarantee it. I made a deal with the DJ that he was to let off a confetti cannon to ‘Taki Taki’ by DJ Snake (feat. Selena Gomez, Ozuna, Cardi B) at exactly 00:00. No regrets. This is the song that my friends and I go crazy for in the club and it was such a fun way to start Sunday.

Though Jure and I envisioned us loosening up at the afterparty, we were too tired to even think about enjoying a glass of wine. Going from not having eaten all day to consuming what was a six-course meal at this point was a LOT. We ended up having a very tame and sober night out. In hindsight, that was probably for the best anyway. We woke up feeling refreshed, enjoyed the hotel breakfast and swam in the pool. All in all, the perfect last Law Ball. I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

If you made it this far, I commend you. You’re the real supporters and I appreciate you.

Photos taken by Tobias Ghebru, Jon Ball, my friend Roniette Cardozo or by me.

Have you ever been to a university ball? If so, what was it like?


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  1. Jure
    01/04/2019 / 23:31

    I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, I feel absolutely honoured to have done this with you, my best friend! One of the highlights of my four years at Uni! <3 Can't wait to see your next big project bb!

    • elizabeteludborza
      02/04/2019 / 10:28

      Love you so much! ❤️