London Getaway

ZARA dress/ Stuart Weitzman boots/ Chanel bag/ Seafolly sunglasses

London is a special place for me. It has everything that I look for in a city: the hustle and bustle, never-ending opportunities to explore and, most importantly, it is a place that a lot of my friends call home. Within the first week of moving back to the UK, I made sure to book a train ticket and have a little midweek London getaway. I couldn’t wait to reunite with two of my good friends – Mia and Justin! I hadn’t seen either of them for a few months so it was so, so good to catch up and introduce them to each other. As I mentioned in my previous post, it feels weird not having a bunch of my friends from before I did my exchange year in Australia around me so it’s been super nice merging friendship groups. It warms my heart that all my friends from different friendship groups get on so well with one another! ❤️ My main purpose in London was to celebrate Justin’s birthday. I surprised him with a sunrise breakfast at Duck & Waffle and it was worth it despite my 05:20 am wake up call… I think. I’ll do a proper post on our experience at Duck & Waffle another time. Justin came up to Leamington Spa during the weekend to visit me and it’s so nice that we’re finally not in different continents anymore. Only a quick train ride away. I’m actually going to London in a couple of days, I guess I just can’t stay away. This time it’s because of a hair appointment! I’ve been trying to book in with my colourist since the end of the summer but she’s been in high demand until now. Any guesses on what I plan to do with my hair?

I’m trying to work through a backlog of content that I’ve taken for the blog so bear with me as I continue posting about things that happened weeks ago, haha! I hope you still find it interesting despite it not being very current. I’ve been busy with what feels like 101 priorities that need to be taken care of now. After speaking to my family on FaceTime, I feel much better though. Although, yes, attending as many employer presentations as I possibly can is worthwhile and could help place me in good stead when applying for jobs, staying on top of my readings and academic work is my number 1 priority. At the end of the day, it’s more important that I focus on achieving the best grade that I can so that I can then apply to jobs more comfortably (at least hopefully, haha!). That’s my current thought process. I just have to keep myself in check and remind myself to take some time out, for my own mental state. I’ll try and work on being better at getting to sleep earlier as well. I haven’t been getting a good night’s sleep for weeks now. I honestly feel like this past week I’ve been running on a cumulative 48 h sleep? If that’s not CEO material, I don’t know what is. *cough* Somebody hire me, please. *cough*

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