Luxembourg Art Week 2019

I’m so happy when Luxembourg makes an initiative to increase the number of cool cultural events for its residents. Luxembourg Art Week 2019 was n such exception. Now, this occurred around 2 weeks ago from the 8th-10th of November, which – if you ask me – is somewhat of a misnomer… Surely, it should have been named an Art Weekend? 😉The best part about the art exhibition that the entry was completely free! Definitely very student-friendly. It’s always nice to be able to attend art exhibitions at no cost, especially considering the fact that almost everything else will cost a pretty penny in Luxembourg. My friend Katy and I enjoyed walking around, releasing our inner art critic. As expected, there’s always some interesting pieces of art that aren’t to everyone’s taste. I’m going to leave that to you to figure out which one we might be referring to, haha! My favourite artwork in the whole exhibition was definitely the one in the last photo. I would love to have that hanging in my own house one day. So lavish. Overall, we both thoroughly enjoyed it. The Luxembourg Art Week launched in 2015 and takes place annually. If you find yourself in Luxembourg around this time next year, I definitely recommend checking it out!

Do you have a favourite art museum/exhibition?


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