The Comeback

Hello, it’s me. *Cue the rest of Adele’s iconic hit song ‘Hello’* I honestly don’t even know where to begin! This blog post is looooong overdue. I kind of kick myself for falling off my… View Post

Thoughts About Eurovision 2019

I really struggled coming up with a title for this blog post. Should I name it ‘Mid-May Thoughts’? ‘Exam Revision Stress’? ‘Photos From March 2019’? As you can tell, I went with something that has… View Post

The Final Push

This final month of Term 3 is the final push in my university journey, the final push in academia for a while. Wow, that sounds a bit.. ominous? I’ve handed in my final assignments over… View Post

The Enterprising Woman

On Thursday, the 7th of March 2019, I had the honour and pleasure of being a part of ‘The Enterprising Woman’ event organised by my dear friend Tolu. The event was a part of the… View Post

Toppers & Toast Café

Toppers & Toast is a hidden gem in Leigh-on-Sea and I’m so happy that Justin took me here when I visited him and Adam. I was warned that we’d need to be outside the cafe… View Post