Plaza Mayor and Sangria in Madrid

Et voilà! The final blog post about my recent trip to Madrid, Spain. I hope you’re enjoying the format of incorporating my outfit shots amongst other more random photos. Personally, I feel like it’s a bit more organic? Let me know your thoughts on this as I’d love some feedback! I’m wearing a relatively new purchase from Revolve – a Lovers + Friends sweater, which I like pairing with high-waisted skirts. I think the neckline adds an interesting touch, even though it almost looks like it’s broken. It’s called fashion, okay!? 😂Anyway, this was our final full day in Madrid and we spent it by exploring more of the city. In particular, we wanted to visit Plaza Mayor and the Royal Palace of Madrid.

What I really enjoyed about Madrid is that the main sights are within walking distance so you get to explore the city by wandering its streets. Unfortunately, the Royal Palace was closed to the general public by the time that we got there but it was pretty to walk by there anyway. Oh well! Sometimes it happens… The architecture is stunning, though, and a quick Wikipedia search tells me that it’s the largest functioning Royal Palace and the largest by floor area in Europe. Pretty cool. We just so happened to stumble upon a cute terrace restaurant serving sangria and tapas in Plaza de Oriente. I tried finding out the name of the restaurant but I can’t find it, sorry! I definitely recommend walking around the area though. Sangria is always a good idea.

We went out the night before so our day only truly started at around 3 pm local time, haha! One thing I love about nightlife in Mediterranean countries is that your night out starts at around 2-3 am. That would never happen in the UK or Luxembourg, certainly not in Leamington Spa where clubs tend to close around that time! We spent all night dancing and had a blast. In my opinion, Spain has some of the best nightlife in the world. The music just makes you want to dance and shake your hips! What I will say is that I couldn’t stay past 6 am in a club if it was only playing deep techno music. I know a bunch of my friends who only listen to this genre of music are reading this and I’m not sorry. Sorry not sorry.

Plaza Mayor is a beautiful square in Madrid with buildings in very vibrant colours surrounding it. I must say it’s quite touristy with people dressed up as different characters and offering you to take a photo with them. The catch is: you have to pay for this privilege, haha. I get it, it’s their business… but I’d rather not be approached by a fake Superman or Pikachu and then get asked to pay to take a photo with them, when I’m trying to relax and enjoy the view, you feel me? Ah, I love a good European square. However, I have to admit that Brussels’ Grand Place will forever hold the #1 spot in my favourite city squares.

Our Airbnb came with a beautiful bathtub so it would have been a huge disservice not to have taken full advantage of it. Following on from my previous post, did the ‘new’ Ray-Bans ever leave my face? No. Was it necessary to wear them in the bath? Definitely not. Was it even remotely sunny or bright in the bathroom? No, in fact, the lighting was quite dim. Did any of the aforementioned stop me from wearing them? Nope. Hehehe, it’s all just for fun anyway! Bubbles + bubbly were the perfect combination.

What is your favourite European city?


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