Staying Hydrated with My Equa

Ever since taking an International Environmental Law module during my year abroad, my mindset has changed drastically regarding single-use plastic. If I’m completely honest, I never fully realised the negative impact it had on the environment. I naïvely thought that, as long as I recycle properly, I was doing my bit for the environment. Boy, oh, boy, was I wrong. I highly recommend you educate yourself on plastic pollution by reading up about it or watching a documentary on the topic. If you’re anything like me, it will really change your mindset about buying plastic straws and minimising your plastic use as far as it is feasible to do so. So how does this relate to my new glass water bottle?

My friends and I would always joke about how I was basically bottle-fed Evian water. I don’t remember a time when I didn’t have an Evian water bottle on hand growing up. I would go through at least two 1L bottles a day! Even at university, I’d make sure to add a 6-pack of water bottles to my cart each time I placed an order at Tesco. I was convinced that Evian water tasted superior to any other water (I still haven’t changed my mind about this… water does have different tastes, I promise!!!). It was in Australia that I made the switch to tap water purely out of convenience and cost. I was no longer able to place handy orders at supermarkets so that they deliver groceries to my front door, unlike in the UK. Lugging around a big 6-pack via bus was also out of the question. I bought a bottle of Voss water (no, not just because it looked fancy…) because it was the only glass bottle available. I thought to myself that this way I can conveniently refill my bottle whenever possible and minimise my plastic use. This is what I have continued to do up until I got the My Equa glass water bottle.

Guys. I am in love with my water bottle now. Is that a weird thing to say? Probably. But I don’t care. It’s the perfect size because it’s not too heavy for my university bag but is still big enough for me to properly keep hydrating myself throughout the day. A nice little bonus is that it almost looks like an accessory? It’s so chic for a water bottle, no!? I’ve received so many compliments on it and already quite a few of my friends have bought some for themselves. My absolute favourite glass water bottles are the ones from the Mismatch Collection, which come in a Bronze, Beige and Graphite colour. The Graphite colour is more masculine and would make a great gift for any man in your life. I have the Mismatch Beige bottle and it’s still in stock right now! I thought I couldn’t hype this water bottle so much without getting you a little discount code in case you’re also interested in purchasing one. 😉 Use the code ‘ELIZABETE10’ for ANY glass bottle on My Equa to receive 10% off. Act fast though as the code expires on the 31/13/2018. Stay hydrated!

What are your thoughts about plastic pollution?


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