Thoughts About Eurovision 2019

I really struggled coming up with a title for this blog post. Should I name it ‘Mid-May Thoughts’? ‘Exam Revision Stress’? ‘Photos From March 2019’? As you can tell, I went with something that has nothing to do with the photos from a shoot I did with Sofina back in March – Eurovision 2019. Watching the Eurovision song contest is a tradition that I don’t intend on breaking any time soon. I almost did. Last year. It was the early hours of Sunday in Australia and I was fast asleep, out cold. But Jure’s (best friend and fellow Eurovision lover) FaceTime call woke me up just in time to watch the performances live. And for that, I’ll always be grateful. 😂In essence, Eurovision is something I always look forward to: the acts, the costumes, the ENERGY. I absolutely love it. Unironically.

Yes, it gets political quite frequently and countries will often vote for their neighbours and not necessarily the most talented singers, etc. I think to a certain extent that’s unavoidable with events like this. Nevertheless, seeing what performance each country brings each year is so exciting. For as long as I can remember, my family and I would gather around in the living room – snacks on hand – and judge all the acts. This specifically applied for the semi-finals, where we’d assign a grade to each performance. This is a tradition that has continued since going away to university, as Jure and I continue to do this well into 2019. Which is a nice segue onto Eurovision 2019…

I would love to hear who your favourites are this year! Do you normally support your ‘home’ country/countries or do you base it on who you think is truly the best that year? Personally, it’s a mixture of both for me. I’ll always remain somewhat loyal to Latvia and Lithuania (okay, a little bit for Estonia as well hehe) but I try to otherwise base my support on how good the song is. This year, I’m definitely rooting for Italy’s Mahmood, Sweden’s John Lundvik, Belarus’ ZENA and Azerbaijan’s Chingiz. Out of those four acts, my favourite is definitely ‘Soldi’ by Mahmood. It’s amazing. My Italian flatmate used to constantly blast it around the flat and it became so catchy. I urge you to check out the song here if you haven’t already. You won’t regret it.

This post was a bit of a random one but it’s one of the highlights of this week for me. Tomorrow evening is the grand final and all the Warwick University students get together on the campus piazza and watch it together. It’s a super lively event, full of cider, beer and fun, haha! Can’t wait. Do you plan on watching the final? If so, I would love to hear if you have any Eurovision traditions you follow!

Will you be tuning in to watch Eurovision 2019?

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  1. Best friend and fellow Eurovision lover
    30/05/2019 / 09:51

    Italy was ROBBED and that’s that on that 😩

    • elizabeteludborza
      30/05/2019 / 16:47

      Truly! 💔