Toppers & Toast Café

Toppers & Toast is a hidden gem in Leigh-on-Sea and I’m so happy that Justin took me here when I visited him and Adam. I was warned that we’d need to be outside the cafe bright and early in order to get a table and we were there, ready before opening time. Talk about keen, haha! Despite the warning, the café was almost empty when we went so I definitely recommend getting there early so that you’re guaranteed a table. I can confirm that the food, indeed, is delicious. From looking at the menu on TripAdvisor, I think I ordered The Homestyle and I swapped the bacon for smoked salmon, Justin also ordered The Homestyle and Adam ordered the Veggie Stack. Each dish was amazing and Adam’s looked especially interesting. I love when chefs make dishes a bit more unique with a cool design or a little touch. Perhaps, that’s why I love Aussie brunch so much – they LOVE to throw on a bunch of edible flowers to really make an impact. And it works.

We went to Toppers & Toast way back in December 2018 but I’ve only gotten round to posting about it now, oops! I have nothing bad to say about the café. It is a bit on the smaller side so it fills up quickly but the food is exactly what you’d crave on a Sunday morning. Their marble tabletops really satisfied my need for an Instagrammable shot as well. 😉 Very on brand, that’s for sure. Toppers & Toast is definitely worth a visit if you’re ever in Leigh-on-Sea/Southend-on-Sea!

What’s your favourite brunch food?


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