What I Did in Leeds

I paid a visit to one of my friends in Leeds at the start of February and it was the perfect little getaway. I’d been to Leeds once before, during an Open Day for University of Leeds, however I didn’t really get to explore much of the area. That’s why I’m so happy that I got to catch up with Lauren and have her show me around some of her favourite places.

I was there only for a weekend so we had a limited amount of time to explore. Truth be told, my priority was to hang out with her and just relaaaax… and that’s exactly what we did! It was lovely hanging out with her family and fluffy dogs (check out the newest addition – a white German Shepherd!) and we even had a mini spa day, which was needed. I checked my Sleep Cycle app and, apparently, the best sleep I’ve experienced in months was in her bed!? Maybe I need to go back ASAP and catch a few more zzz’s there…

Without further ado, here are some of the things we got up to!

Lunch at The Alchemist

This place has delicious food and cocktails! I opted for ‘The Colour Changing One’, a Poke Bowl and Crispy Kale – delicious. Lauren had the Chicken in a Basket and that looked super tasty as well. I will say that we experienced a minor blip at The Alchemist which is that Lauren’s cocktail had a bit of MOULD in it!? She only realised towards the end which is quite funny now but it definitely wasn’t at the time, haha. Look how cute and unsuspecting she is when we’re cheering our drinks. Bless.

Leeds Corn Exchange

We did a bit of walking around Leeds city centre and we popped into the Leeds Corn Exchange. It’s so lovely because you have this abundance of small, independent shops under one roof. Really fun to look around and browse.

Brunch at The Wild Plum

Okay, guys. This is the real deal. Hidden away on top of a bridal store is one of the best brunch spots I’ve been to in the UK. Now that’s a big claim to make, I know, but I honestly recommend this place so much. Really good prices and DELICIOUS brunch. It’s absolutely packed on the weekends and people queue outside to get in. It seems so random but totally makes sense once you’ve tried their food.

Have you ever been to Leeds? What did you do?


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