Wild Health, Leigh-on-Sea

Another day, another cute Insta-worthy café. This blog post is all about my visit to Wild Health in Leigh-on-Sea. Myself, Justin and Adam stumbled upon this place on a rainy Sunday while we were waiting for another café (Toppers & Toast) to open up. What better way to waste time than by getting a nice, warm drink and a ginger shot, hm? I mean, it’s not really wasted time since it’s time we enjoyed wasting but you get what I mean.

I ordered the Superfood Hot Chocolate and the Elixir of Life Wellness Shot. Guys. The ginger shot was not a shot. What they served me was a decently-sized glass, as you can see on the photo! I love ordering these as it builds the illusion of me being extremely healthy and improving my immune system with every sip. That coupled with being able to indulge in a wholesome brunch guilt-free is why I enjoy wellness shots so much. Besides, they’re so fun to do with friends, haha! Feeling the burn of the ginger together – fun stuff. Unfortunately, neither Justin nor Adam wanted to join me this time but oh well. I’ll be the one laughing when my immune system will be next level healthy. 😉

Even though I didn’t get to eat here, I really liked it. It’s a really cute spot with unlimited photo opportunities (if you’re into that). The customer service is fantastic and the overall vibe of the café is really relaxed. If you’re ever in Leigh-on-Sea, I highly recommend checking out Wild Health!

Do you like taking ginger or other ‘wellness’ shots?


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